Thursday, February 3, 2011

Match Review Guarantee is the only one of many online dating websites that offer a "love guarantee". The site claims that its users will find someone in 6 months or the site will grant the user an additional 6 month membership for FREE. The format of the site is very interactive and allows for users to search profiles based on geographic location, age, other factors, and even common interests. The site also delivers 5 new matches per day to each user based on his or her preferences stated in their respective profiles. There are plenty of interactive modes of communication built into the site such as email, instant messenger (IM), and others which all add to the excitement of communicating with matches and the wide appeal of the website.

For those of us who are really "on the go" and either don't always have time to log into their profile via a computer, or would just rather log into their profile conveniently via their phone, there is MatchMobile. The application can be used with almost any phone with internet capabilities and it also offers almost all the same features as the actual website, such as sending emails and winks to their matches. As a girl who hardly ever makes the first move and still believes whole-heartedly in chivalry, I really appreciate the "wink" feature that the site offers. If a user stumbles upon a match that he or she would like to communicate with but is either perhaps too shy to make the first move by sending an email or is unsure what to say in that first email, users can send each other "winks". Winks are very subtle ways that a user can let another user know that he or she is interested, without necessarily "saying" anything. Since it can be difficult sometimes to come up with a great first one-liner or knowing what to say in a first email to a match, this eliminates any potential awkwardness and allows the door to be opened to future communication.

Alternatively if I do not care for a user's profile for whatever reason, I can politely disregard the "wink" and respectfully let the user who sent it that I am not interested in getting to know him. In need of a break? Users can also temporarily (or permanently!) set their account settings so that their profile is invisible. This will disable the user's profile from being publicly viewed and the user will be unable to send or receive any communication until he or she enables his or her profile to be publicly viewed again.

In conclusion, I believe that the " guarantee" and the fact that site boasts 24 million current active users - the highest amount on any online dating site - makes the site a "no risk" and a "win-win" situation for anyone who decides to join. The smartphone MatchMobile application is available on most phones and is offered for free on the new Android phones. The websites success will seemingly continue to grow rapidly in the very near future as well. Recently it was announced that has partnered with Yahoo! Personals to create on Yahoo!. Glamour magazine also jumped on the bandwagon and signed a 2-year deal with the company to create Glamour Matchmaker. According to a recent press release, the company also gained ownership of the site and now accounts for 30% of all marriages of people who met on online dating sites. Clearly, this is just the beginning for one of the most popular online dating sites ever, and with its inevitable continuing success, will only get much better. Need some more proof that it really works or that it actually leads to "more relationships and more marriages than any other site?" Some encouragement, perhaps? Find all of it and more on the site's Success page! So for anyone who has tried the site or would like to, I personally recommend it and will be posting my experiences in the very near future. Good luck to all of you and have a wonderful weekend!


East Carolina Girl

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